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“Representative is respectful, she’s a doll. I like the stories; they did a great job working with me for the stories. He (the Editor) put down exactly what I wanted to capture in my stories. He emailed me my proofs. I love the publication. People have told me the story was really good; wherein I am trying to accomplish showing different types of clothing from different countries. The publication is refreshing to see. I have gotten a lot of people that said they saw the article and the ad. Out of all the magazines that I have done, this is one of the ONLY ones that people have responded to. I used to do Women’s Edition; however, I like being able to target my audience through the West O.”
Natalie Bundy, Owner
Pura Vida Blue

“Attentiveness in doing your job, you do excellent. We like targeting to an adult base. The Omaha Newspapers does well providing the proper contact within their organization. The articles are awesome. It is a good way for people to explain what they do. There is not anything the staff is not doing to help our company. Everything you guys do is great.”
Cornell Garrett, Owner
Dragon Arts

“The service is great! We’ve been taken care of very well and I appreciate the quick turn around time. Everybody there has been great, especially the graphic designer.”
Amanda Visty, Marketing Director
Oral Maxillofacial & Facial Plastic Surgery

“I’m happy with the service and I appreciate that people read my articles. I have been advertising in the paper since 2001, and it works! I will continue to advertise in this paper.”
Dr. Jay Jesske
American Animal Hospital

“We have always had a successful response to our ads. The staff has always been very nice and easy to work with. The price is extremely reasonable, and has more than paid for itself. We will definitely be advertising in your papers on a regular basis.”
Gene Nemitz, Owner
Great Clips for Hair

“I enjoy advertising with you. Your staff is always great to work with, gave me lots of great ideas. The prices are very comparable to other newspapers I’ve been with. I tracked my advertising with your papers through my offers in my ads, and I always got a great response. I got more bang for my buck in your papers than any others I’ve been with. I will defififi nitely continue to advertise with you.”
Mike Kassabaum, Owner
ATA Black Belt Academy

“We have been running our employment ads with your newspapers for over two years. We love your papers, and receive a lot of applicants from them. We received a lot of different variety of applicants by advertising in all of the newspapers. Unfortunately, our business got bought out, and they don’t believe in advertising. Now our recruiting is down. I wish we could get the new owners to advertise.”
James F. Thornton, III, Branch Manager
Olsten Staffing Services

“We get a lot of business from our ad in The Bellevue newspaper. The response that we have gotten from your publication has doubled since we previously advertised in other publications. It has been real good, and we get a lot of exposure. Because we have gotten a lot of response, we have referred you onto other businesses who are also advertising. The staff is so easy to work with. We have loved working with our rep, compared to the other Bellevue paper who was rude to us. Ryan, your graphic artist, has done all of our ads great, and everything is always double checked and proofed. We have never got an attitude from anyone at The Bellevue newspaper. The staff at the other Bellevue newspaper was very rude to us and did not want to work with us.”
Kris Zendejasz
The Bellevue Soccer Club