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We, at The Omaha Newspapers, believe that by using our strategic distribution placement and our combination of print and online advertising, our clients reach more people bringing in more profit for them.

We publish three newspapers, The West “O,” The Midtown “O” and the Sarpy Sun.

We pride ourselves with calling ourselves “Omaha’s feel good papers,” meaning exactly what it says – we make people feel good! Think about of all the violence, politics and tragedies going on in the city currently. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back and take a break from it all? That’s what our readers love about reading our papers, making them much more attractive than other publications. You won’t see one negative statement in our newspapers and that is the way we as a publication and our readers like it. Our newspapers are all about fun events, Healthy Lifestyle and Family. Don’t believe us?

Click below to take a look at our papers online to see for yourself!

The Omaha Newspapers - The West O   The Omaha Newspapers - Midtown O   The Omaha Newspapers - Sarpy Sun

The West “O”                           The Midtown “O”                               Sarpy Sun