Prayers for Las Vegas

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Prayers for Las VegasThe deadliest mass shooting in United States history took place in Las Vegas early this morning at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. 50+ dead, 400+ injured and reports are still coming in. The show reacted to the shooting in the only way they knew how, by talking to listeners and helping recount the events in the most humane way possible.

When an incident like this occurs, most people wonder how they can help. Even if you aren’t local to the shooting, you can certainly help. 103.7 The Kat has compiled a list of ways you can help the people in Las Vegas, even from Omaha!

So far… it’s giving blood to your local Red Cross. Supporting live music. And if you have the money, donating to legit places.

Click here to read more about how YOU can help!

Please join us in praying for those that were/are being affected by the mass shooting in Las Vegas this morning. Our hearts go out to those who lost friends, family and loved ones in this tragic incident.



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