Walgreens 90% off Clearance Toys!

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A lot of the time when you think of shopping at Walgreens you don’t think of toys. This time I would!

While you are there checking out the Easter 90% off clearance you need to head to the toy aisle.

Right now at Walgreens they have some toys marked and unmarked for 90% off making them as low as $.9 a piece! What a STEAL! Even if you aren’t in need, it would be great for donations!

The Best way to find these items is to scan, scan, scan. Most stores do not have scanners available but their employees are more than happy to scan and check the price of items for you – just ask!

Not all stores in town have a lot left but if you are patient and diligent when looking and scanning, you are sure to find some hidden gems.

Below are some of the items we have found!

The Omaha Newspapers - Local Deals - 90% off Walgreens

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