• 50 Activities for AutumnPick a preschool fall craft to do together and have fun being creative together.
  • Decorate the front door — the wackier the better!
  • Pumpkin slime. Goop is a blast to play with. This goop is pumpkiny-orange.
  • Pumpkin pie play dough — this stuff smells SO good!
  • For an indoor kids activity, go on a spider hunt and see if you can find any cobwebs hiding in your house.  After you dust them, create your own spider web using popsicle sticks, tape, and pipe cleaners.
  • Do your kids collect acorns? This is a great kids painting activity using acorns to make art.
  • Fall sensory bottle — fill it with all the best autumn colors!
  • Make fall slime to play with — kids love this ooey gooey stuff!
  • Build a catapult, take it outside and put a pebble or two inside.   Watch them fly and measure how far the items went.
  • Create an owl craft with scraps of old magazines
  • Make a owl from TP tubes using feathers, scraps of fabric and buttons. This craft for kids is adorable.
  • Create Fall Art. Adding an outline can really liven up a picture. Help your youngest tots paint and create wall-worthy art with some black glue. They paint scribbles and you outline the work into the shape of a leaf.
  • Make fall spice paints with ginger, pumpkin and more!
  • Watch your kids pretend and play in a “world” with leaves outdoors for your kids to explore through. This family created a whole house with different rooms. Afterwards, rake them up and have fun jumping.
  • Go on a nature walk to a new destination. Bring a long a nature bag for the kids to help them document what they see.
  • Plant bulbs for the spring. Kids love to get muddy — gardening with kids is dirty and fun!
  • Donate food items to a food bank in your area. As the holidays approach, food banks are often strapped for supplies.
  • Make a pumpkin pie with your kids. Have extra filling? Add it to a smoothie with some yogurt.
  • Go bobbing for apples. Fill a tub with apples and see if you can get one with your teeth. Afterwards, make candy apples as a treat to enjoy with your kids.
  • Make s’mores on the patio with your kids — use a solar oven to warm them. Try experimenting and adding extra ingredients to your s’mores like berries or bananas.
  • Make your own apple cider by adding cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and honey to juiced apples (if possible, get fresh pressed juice)!
  • Churn your own butter — this is a fun activity for a kiddo who loves to move!
  • Play games during a bike ride. Use Chalk to create start and end points on a race or to make an obstacle course of sorts for your kids to weave through.

There are so many more activities for kiddos during this fun Fall season! Click here to read more.

Source: Kids Activity Blog

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