Nebraska’s tribute to Sam Foltz on first punt of the year will give you chills

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The Omaha Newspapers - Blog - Sam Foltz DedicationThe loss of Sam Foltz, killed in a car accident while attending a punting camp in July, shook Nebraska football. Foltz was described as having a warm personality and by many accounts (including this touching segment from a local sportscaster) was a fantastic ambassador for the program.

The first time Nebraska’s offense faced fourth down, Mike Riley sent out 10 players, with no punter, and let the play clock run down to zero. Fresno State understood the situation (and may have been in the loop) and declined the penalty.

Fresno State also wore game stickers on its helmets to honor Foltz.

The 22-year-old Foltz was the Big Ten punter of the year in 2015 as a junior and was on the Ray Guy Award watch list coming into his senior season. Foltz averaged 44.23 yards per punt in 2015.

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As a person who attended the game, seeing this event in action before my eyes, chills were definitely present. Such class by Fresno State to not only show their support for Sam Foltz and the Huskers by wearing stickers on their helmets, but to decline the penalty the Huskers took, willingly, to honor the late punter. I was in complete awe. I thought to myself, “This is what football is all about.” In my opinion, there was no better way to honor such a young and talented life that was taken too soon. The Omaha Newspapers will forever remember this day and it was definitely a blessing to be able to witness such an event.

May this be a reminder that life is precious – it was given to you and it can surely be taken away. We don’t understand why something like this happens, but it is for a greater purpose. Please keep the Foltz family in your thoughts and prayers and they continue to battle such a devastating event in their lives.

Thank you Chip Patterson for the kind words and helping spreading the news!

Jessy @ The Omaha Newspapers


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